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Beacons bridge the gap

between real and digital world

Use appug to beam your messages

to your customers' smartphones.

The appug advantage

After getting the first message

directly from the beacon

recipients can subscribe

to your follow-up messages. offers many opportunities

Simply create coupons or offers

directly on

...or even analyze your customers' behaviour

with your own systems

Try appug for free

with Bluetooth beacons

or appug QR beacons

appug equals privacy

appug messages can always be

received anonymously - beacon-up your life is a clever way to bridge the gap between real and digital world. Place  beacons in your shop, your restaurant, or at other places of interest, and send out digital messages or coupons to the crowd. appug is completely free for public places or non-profit organizations, and it's very inexpensive for business use.

After finalizing our new app we are now re-inventing Please visit us on from May 12, and help us reaching the next level.